Sales drive the business

Sales are the engine of your activity. It is essential to properly plan, organize and execute it with the best. We offer our expertise to support you and carry out your project. We advise you in your strategy and we execute it in partnership with you.

Sales strategy

You have a unique product and you would like to develop a distribution / dealer network in Europe?

Sales team management

Looking to set-up a lean sales team?

Leads generation

How can you get more people to request information and offers for your product?  

Multi-lingual marketing

Think global, act local: how can you adapt your marketing to the local European markets?

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Our areas of expertise

We build really differentiating customer value propositions in a lot of domains, but we are the most excited by innovative, life-changing and user-friendly products.


Real estate projects

Medical and eHealth Technologies

Our Team



Pragmatic entrepreneur-minded sales director with more than 15 years of experience in innovative sectors such as Robotics and Medical Devices.



Trend-watcher and taste expert. Senior Marketing and Business Development manager with more than 15 years in the food industry.

Our sales experts

- Freelances -

We have built a large network of partners throughout the years. We select the best freelances and sales outsourcing companies depending of the objectives.